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Thomas Kuoh Photography

Thomas derives his visual aesthetic from fragments of his memories. That is why there is a strong narrative thread to his work, often suggesting an intimate peek into something personal or private. This intimacy is achieved by letting the environment play an equal part in the storytelling and through Thomas’ open demeanor which puts the subjects at ease, allowing for those authentic in-between moments. There is also a dimensional, dreamy quality of light that harkens back to renaissance paintings and the dutch masters. With over 17 years of commercial photography experience, he’s mastered the technical craft of creating imagery and shaping light on demand. But with his passion for classical aesthetics, the result is a soulful and richly textured lifestyle with a dash of fantasy, all while flirting with intrigue, dark corners, and adverse emotions.

At Kuoh Photography, we pride ourselves on taking care of each other as the main objective above all else. Within this container - as we each feel full of love, compassion, and empathy - creativity has room to grow and shine to its fullest. We train to see the human side of our clients, creatives, talent, and end users. We are able to offer our best selves and bring out the same in those we work with because we operate on the belief that our greatest work comes when we are relaxed and happy.

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