Portrait of an Artist: Lonna Lopez

Oakland based botanical artist Lonna Lopez recently invited us into her home to photograph her work process in order to provide insight into how she creates her unique one-of-a-kind butterfly/insect art pieces. Lonna is the co-owner and operator of the eclectic and non-traditional floral shop Crimson Horticultural Rarities, in Oakland's tucked away and hip Temescal Alley.

Portrait of an Artist: Andrew Meltzer

Having met Andrew Meltzer on a collaboration for his youtube channel, we got to talking and I quickly learned that his bartending skill was more than just a way for him to make a living and serve drinks, and instead he approaches bartending the same way that a Michelin Star chef or a master Sommelier would. 

Thomas Kuoh
Playing Creative Director with Van Brauge Watches

While taking good photos is important, the entire process leading up to a shoot is just as imperative, if not more so. When designer and watchmaker Max Van Brauge needed marketing photography for his new watch brand, we acted as his creative director, art director, and producer for the photo shoot. 

Thomas Kuoh
Scenes from Smoking Hot Gypsy Tea Party part 1

Here’s a scene from my Smoking Hot Gypsy Tea Party photoshoot. Stay tuned for more breakdowns of this incredible collaboration


Childhood is a mixed bag of emotional and social development–and being a father, I readily admit that the development is

Thomas Kuoh