Steampunk Fantasy Portrait: Airpusher Collective

Another Burning Man season has come and gone. In the spirit of the Burn my photo crew and I were able to get together with the Airpusher Collective for a group shoot.

The Airpusher collective is a passionate performance art crew that come from all backgrounds. Based in the SF Bay Area, their passion lies in creating memorable experiences with their art and music. Whether at events like Burning Man or with small intimate gatherings, they want to celebrate life and love.

I first met the Airpushers at a steampunk masquerade event that I was photographing. Upon meeting this crew, I immediately knew that I wanted to have a portrait session with this eclectic group, and after eight months of scheduling and planning it all came to fruition right before Burning Man 2017.

This shoot took place at the Nimby industrial art collective warehouse in Oakland, where the Airpushers and other art groups work on the maintenance of their art and art car. In the spirit of Mad Max meets Dali, the Nimby collective warehouse inspires all of its residents.

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Thomas Kuoh