Dreamy Outdoor Shower : Retouching Tutorial


A few weeks ago I shot a beautiful home in Portola Valley for a client. This house had beautiful custom features such as a luxurious long fireplace, gorgeous top-to-bottom lacquer finishing on all the kitchen cabinets, and even burled walnut shelves for the walk-in closet. But one feature really stuck out to me and I couldn't let it go: the outdoor shower.

I pitched the idea of creating a lifestyle moment: a model showering off after a morning swim. And my clients said yes! Lucky for us, we had a model willing to meet us for an early morning shoot because we wanted to take advantage of the morning light.

Of course it was overcast on the morning of the shoot, and the early morning call time was for naught. But have no fear! We came prepared with lights. After some thoughtful experimentation, I was able to get the shots needed to stitch together the final.

And now here's a video showing how I put it all together in post.

Thomas Kuoh