Portrait of an Artist: Naomi VanDoren

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"Many of my paintings include small figures in contrast with immersive landscapes to emphasize scale and depth". - Naomi VanDoren

Much like a character in one of her paintings, enterprising fantasy watercolor painter Naomi VanDoren, currently resides and is inspired by the grand landscape of the San Francisco Bay area to create her whimsical fantasy watercolor worlds. Currently, Naomi creates, publishes and sells her one-of-a-kind, limited editions, prints, and gift items on her website www.naomivandoren.com.

Naomi spent much of her life abroad growing up in the Spice Islands of Indonesia. A childhood of travel and immersion into a variety of cultures left Naomi with the desire to explore the earth and share her experiences through art.

I was invited to shoot a portrait session of Naomi at her East Oakland artist studio to catch a glimpse into her workspace and work process.


Check out her work here...



Thomas Kuoh