Laurie Furber in Country Living Magazine

A few months ago I had the great privilege of photographing a portrait of one of my heroines, Laurie Furber. She is a mother of three, was a VP at Pottery Barn, and now an entrepreneur and a champion of the Green Design Movement. In spite of her list of over achiever accomplishments, she is incredibly down to earth, and can give you her full presence, making you feel only the two of you ever existed in the universe. Her ability to make whoever she is talking to feel heard and their issues understood probably has a lot to do with her success in life. Whatever the case maybe, it is simply fun to be in her presence.

We shot the story on spec with help from the fabulous stylist, Shaz Araznia. Country Living ended up picking up the story for their February 2013 issue. (by the editors of Martha Stewart Living) also did an informative personal interview of Laurie, where her wit and humor shines forth, illuminating some seriously good advice on life, motherhood, entrepreneurship and personal hygien.

I really love these images. I love old things. They hold the rich memories of lives past. I’ve never been much of a materialist. However, I’ve always feel moved in the presence of pieces that offer interesting stories. Green House Design Studio is just the place for me. To point at a two hundred year old butcher’s table is to open a conversation of adventure, history, loss, desire, frustrations and sometimes even a life lesson or two.

Please enjoy these photos, because I certainly enjoyed making them.