Portrait of an Artist – Bill Samios

Bill Samios Painter in his San Francisco Apt/Studio photographed by Thomas Kuoh

Bill Samios Closeup in his San Francisco Apt/Studio photographed by Thomas Kuoh

I first Met Bill when I assisted Brandon McGanty on a West Elm photoshoot. He assisted a stylist. I think we were chatting and I mentioned I had a studio in the Art Explosion warehouse and he too had a studio there, but in the next building. He said he painted and I think I went onto his website. But I loved his big mushrooms and fun birds and branches and beautiful nudes. He then asked me to model for him and I did. I would see him now and again, and we’d talk art and our careers as assistants. Bill’s art is evolving and it’s curious to see which direction he takes. In everything he does, there is always a background in classical figurative, but the surreal elements creep in and you begin to see into his psyche. He is more and more painting his subconscious and his life story. In person, at least from my perspective, there isn’t a flamboyant gay-ness,and in his paintings too, it’s subtle. But the tenderness in which he paints his male nudes shows his love for the beauty of men.

For more of his work, visit www.billsamio.com