Portrait of an Artist: Ivy Jacobsen

It’s quite an interesting story how I know Ivy. About 7 years ago, I rented a studio in an artist co-op called the Art Explosion in San Francisco. When my wife and I were touring the studios, she spotted a large green painting with a beautiful silhouette of a branch thru it. My wife immediately fell in love with the piece and asked me to find out who painted it and to possibly purchase it. A month later when I moved into the studio, that painting was gone and the studio space was empty, the painter had moved out that same month, just days before I moved in. We tried to track down the artist, and somehow things just didn’t work out.

Fast forward to 2010. We had a baby girl, I gave up sculpting to start a family and focused on my photography, we bought a house in Oakland, and my wife was leaving behind in SF a close knit community of first time Mommas all with babies the same age. And even though we were just moving 15 minutes across the bay bridge, it felt daunting because of the support and commiseration the Mommas offered each other. So as we settled into our new home, creating a community of Mommas in the east bay became a top priority. One of those Mommas was Ivy. Her daughter Ava was just a few weeks older than our little Paisley, and boy were the little girls cute together. And during that first get-together, thru the awkward get-to-know-new-parents question and answer period, we found out that we both had been at the Art Explosion studios but at separate times, and Jill brings up the story of the green painting with the silhouette branch, and WOW, just like that, the universe got a little bit smaller.

Ivy is just about the nicest person you will ever meet. She has a soft soothing way of being that just calms your soul. And her art is the same way. I’m really hoping to have one of her piece in my home one day, hopefully before she gets too famous.

For more on Ivy Jacobsen… www.facebook.com/ivyjacobsenart

Fall Open Studio November 3 and 4th, 11-6pm. Hunters Point Ship Yard, San Francisco Building 101, Studio 1423 www.shipyardartists.com