Portrait of an Artist: Peter's Kettle Corn


While on location at the Oakland Spice Shop for an artist portrait photoshoot, I serendipitously was able to meet another Oakland based culinary artisan Peter of Peter's Kettle Corn. Peter agreed to allow me and my crew the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at his retail location and to see what it takes to create one of Oakland's most beloved sweet and savory treats.

As a Bay Area native, Peter was exposed to diverse flavors found in various parts of his community. Street food is ingrained in his upbringing and has heavily influenced the many cultural flavors offered in his kettle corn mixes.

Peter’s Kettle Corn allows him to do what he loves, what inspires him and what he's passionate about. He hopes that his business will continue to grow and that his story can help others chase after what they love, pursue what inspires them, and enhance their passion for life.

An interesting tidbit about Peter's Kettle Corn is that the storefront's customer service counter was custom built in partnership with the Architecture Design Academy program at Fremont High School of Oakland. Phong Hoang (also a FHS alumni), the instructor of the program, is responsible for the students' success in frequent national competitions (SkillsUSA) bringing home many awards. This was the perfect opportunity to exercise the students' skill sets while meeting certain design specifications. This program does not get the attention it deserves and they hope that with this partnership, it would help spread awareness within the community. On top of that, this was all being done after school during the students own personal time. Being loyal Peter's Kettle Corn fans, it only made sense for them to come together to work on this project! 

Here are some photos of what the location looked like before it became Peter's Kettle Corn.

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Thomas Kuoh