New Direction with Compass

May has been a fun and busy month. I've had the opportunity to dive deeply into lifestyle photography with Compass Real Estate, the hottest new real estate start-up. The goal was to capture portraits of their agents that paints a broader picture of who they are outside of their careers. Among them are strong, independent women with touching stories of how they've been able to support their families, juggle obligations, and build a successful career for themselves. It's been incredibly heart-warming to learn about their backgrounds, daily struggles, and milestone successes.

I was happy to be a part of creating these portraits of strong females dominating the real estate world while simultaneously balancing a busy home life. I could sympathize with how crazy it can be running a business while raising a family and that made it easy to relate to my clients. I was able to get some genuine and authentic expressions out of that experience and I look forward to making more photos like these.

Thomas Kuoh