Palecek Through the Years

After nearly a decade of shooting for Palecek, I'm amazed at the beauty we have been able to produce. It's been quite the honor to work for such a wonderful Bay-Area fixture. The Palecek company, after 40 plus years is still a family business, which is hard to imagine when you step onto their 25 acre lot warehouse in Richmond. It's so big that we have to ride around on electric scooters and bikes. But the familial vibe is the first feeling you are greeted with, I love seeing Alan Palecek zip by on his scooter, honking his horn, and sharing stories of his army pilot days, or seeing Crystal Palecek, daughter-in-law and owner of Rue Magazine, come by with her two darling baby boys. Or Nancy Palecek bringing flowers from her garden for our shoots. It's not everyday you love the clients you work for and the Palecek's will forever have a dear place in my heart and portfolio.

Thomas Kuoh