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How Often Should You Update Your Headshot?

January 25, 20247 min read

How Often Should You Update Your Headshot?

What Does the Best Headshot Photographer Say?

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Professional headshots are essential for your career success, whether you work in marketing, IT, or management. Headshots help potential employers, prospects, and business partners get to know you. Your headshots should be current and show the real you. But how often should you change your headshots?

This guide is for you if you're wondering whether it's time to get new business headshots or find a headshot photographer to take new company headshots. Don't wait for coworkers or even your bosses to comment on your current photo before acting. In this post, we'll look at nine different ways to get new professional headshots.

Best Times to Update Your Headshots

People update their headshots for a variety of reasons. One person's inspiration may differ from another's. Whatever your reason for updating your professional headshots, it's critical that you work with an experienced photographer.

If you've taken a few headshots, don't assume you'll be able to use them indefinitely. They must be modified over time. Here are some compelling reasons why you should update your headshots.

Portrait Photo  of Emilie Munroe

Your Current Headshot Is a Selfie

Did you look your best in your first selfie headshot? You may have taken a quick selfie or asked a friend to stage an informal shoot outside, like many people with hectic schedules. Such amateur photos are fine for sharing with friends, but you want something special for your emails or LinkedIn profile.

Individuals who have invested in professional headshots are easily distinguished from those who have not. So, take advantage of the earliest opportunity to have a professional photographer update your headshot.

Your Personal Style has Changed

Perhaps your color or fashion preferences have shifted. Or you're transitioning from formal to informal. Or you want a polished appearance to match your career progression. Whatever your style, you'll need a new headshot that reflects your new look. Kuoh Photography is an expert at taking natural photos that capture your personality and the new you!

You’re Hunting for a New Job

Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter who is looking through LinkedIn profiles. You locate someone whose profile is a perfect match for a role and set up an interview. However, on the day of the interview, you are taken aback because they do not resemble the LinkedIn profile image. Adding a professional headshot to your LinkedIn profile increases your chances of being found by recruiters by 14 times.

Professional headshots should reflect your current status. When you arrive for a job interview, the recruiter must quickly recognize you based on your profile picture. If your last headshot was taken at a college career fair a decade ago, it's time to update it. As you advance in your career, you'll need to update your headshot.

You’ve Changed Your Look

If you don't spend much time or money on professional photography, you might be tempted to keep using the same old headshots for your portrait or profile. After all, you've already paid the photographer, so why not get some extra mileage out of them? Don't go down that road.

Whenever you change your appearance, such as your hairstyle or color, hire a headshot photographer to update your headshots. Have you gained or lost weight recently? It is also critical to update your headshots. The most recent headshots will accurately represent you in front of your coworkers or clients.

Do You Want to Establish a Personal Brand?

You may not have had or cared about your personal brand early in your career. However, as your fortunes change, you'll want professional headshots on your profile rather than generic images. When you've decided to build your brand, it's highly recommended that you invest in headshot photography. A high-quality headshot will instill confidence and trust in your audience and will help you sell your image. You can capture the best photograph to display on your company website, personal portfolio, or social media pages with the assistance of the best headshot photographer.

When promoting your brand to a new audience, don't take a chance with your headshot and get off to a bad start. To ensure your personal brand is consistent, always work with a skilled photographer. The right photographer will assist you in making a good first impression. This is especially important if you're trying to build your professional network or profile. If you want to stand out, now is the time to update your headshot!

You’ve Transitioned to a New Field or Level

Many people make early investments in photographers. They quickly forget about their appearances once they've settled into their new roles. As a result, they have headshots that are inaccurate or no longer reflect their professional level. It is critical to have a headshot update when transitioning into mid-level roles or changing fields.

The professional photos you took while working in a mid-level position will not help you when you transition to customer-facing roles where you interact with customers. A friendly, inviting headshot will suffice. Refreshing your headshots as your career progresses or as you enter a new field will assist you in establishing yourself and projecting the right image.

You Need More Variety

You'll realize that having one perfect or great headshot isn't enough over time. Your profile will most likely appear on multiple websites and social media networks as your personal brand grows. Sharing the same photo week after week will make you appear out of touch. Furthermore, it can be an eyesore.

Get an updated headshot to avoid presenting the same photo every time you attend an event or join a professional network. Kuoh Photography can create a series of photographs that capture a variety of genuine expressions. We have the best cameras and will do a fantastic job. This will add variety and nuance to your headshot.

Your Current Headshot is Grainy

What good is a headshot if the image is grainy or the viewer cannot identify you? When you use amateur photos, this is more likely to happen. Pixelated images will not appear professional. Neither will they paint you in a favorable light. If your current headshot isn't visually appealing, you won't have a chance in the marketplace. Employers are more likely to prefer you if your profile includes the best headshot. As a result, it's critical to work with a top headshot photographer, such as Kuoh Photography, who has years of experience capturing the best headshots. We will ensure that you have the perfect headshot, whether it is for your business card or newsletter.

Your Headshot looks Unprofessional

We're all used to posing for family photos, not professional headshots or portraits, whether it's a birthday or a wedding. As a result, it's understandable that some people are hesitant to use a business or corporate headshot. While this is true, it is critical to have headshots of yourself in the workplace. Remember that your coworkers and even clients see you every day. Having a professional headshot should not make you feel uncomfortable.

Many people use inappropriate images and photographs as headshots. What a blunder! Every detail, from your clothing to your posture, is noticed. The background of your headshot is important. What's going on in the background? Avoid using images with busy backgrounds because they make you appear unprofessional.

Facebook and LinkedIn have licenses that are very similar. However, this should not be used as an excuse to use the same profile picture across both social media platforms. A holiday selfie on Facebook will not make an impression on LinkedIn.

Want to Update Your Headshot? Contact Us for Professional Headshot Photography

Kuoh Photography's professional headshots will give you an advantage in the marketplace and elevate your personal brand. You will come across as approachable and confident as a career professional. When reviewing LinkedIn profiles and personal portfolios online, recruiters look for these qualities in candidates. We can help you make a lasting impression, whether you need an updated LinkedIn profile picture or an email signature.

Personal branding relies heavily on headshots. Customers interact with service professionals, and first impressions are critical. Make a good impression and people will want to interact with you right away. You will have an advantage over competitors if you combine your headshots with a professional CV and experience.

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