Jon is someone you have to meet in person. He is someone who has gone through a lot and he turned it around and developed a strong sense of character and real empathy for his clients. I have never met a more genuine guy. Clients can expect to appreciate Jon's authentic style, effective business manner, and demonstrated professional expertise in the real estate field. I have hoped to start a talk show with him but ultimately we both have just been too busy with other aspects of life and business. Anyhow, I hope to one day bring you regularly scheduled episodes of "Real Talk" with Jon Wood. Stay tuned!



Priding himself on hard work and integrity, Bay Area native Osman Dost is in the know and will show you all the best spots and then take you surfing! His passion for cycling, extensive travels, and commitment to helping others highlight his genuine and connected approach to work and life. Osman, starting in banking at 16, emphasizes honesty and trust. After earning an Architecture degree, he oversaw projects in Colorado and New York City. With exceptional knowledge of architecture, lending and the local real estate market he does not disappoint.



We love touring beautifully designed homes. Watch as Melinda casually shows off her stunning work. As a principal designer, Melinda Mandell is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of her clients' daily lives and crafting custom solutions that bring them joy. With over a decade of experience and a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, she thrives on building strong client relationships.



A plush toy company with a social conscience. Organic fabrics for our loved ones. Bears or Humanity's mission is to manufacture safe and Eco-friendly organic products, protect out environment, create fair trade living wage jobs, and give back to causes for children, animals and the environment.



A truly innovative and remarkable health care company. By providing free housing and healthcare to the most medically needy homeless population, they save the City of Oakland Tens of Millions of dollars a year. Cardea Health, a nonprofit healthcare organization, focuses on connecting marginalized populations to clinical and supportive services for improved health and stable housing. They address the growing gap in the care system by targeting individuals experiencing homelessness with complex medical needs, offering services within permanent supportive housing sites. Cardea Health's mission is to enhance the quality of life for this vulnerable population while enabling them to live independently in their communities.



The City of Brentwood, situated 55 miles east of San Francisco, is a charming and sought-after community with roots dating back to its incorporation in 1948. Nestled in the far Eastern Contra Costa County region of the San Francisco Bay Area, Brentwood has a rich history in agriculture that persists despite recent residential growth. Covering 14.8 square miles within its incorporated boundary and 17.4 square miles in its sphere of influence, Brentwood attracts agri-tourists in late spring and summer, drawn to its bountiful farms showcasing stone fruits, corn, and cherries.



This compound was once home to Oakland Warrior's MVP, Stephen Curry. We got to chance to show off all of it's grandeur with this lifestyle home tour. This contemporary estate, designed by Stephen Kubitschek and built by Ony Homes on a private 1.35-acre gated property, exudes opulence and modernity. Spanning 8163 sq. ft. with six bedrooms and eight baths, it features luxurious elements like 30-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass, and a $500k home theater. The outdoor space includes an infinity saltwater pool, an elaborate vegetable garden, and approval for a 1200 sq. ft. ADU, making it a stunning showcase of luxury living. Join us as we soar through the air and experience what it might be like to live the life of a basketball superstar.

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