Modern Social Media Marketing

Modern Social Media Marketing

January 14, 20248 min read

Social Media and Photography: How Are They Connected?

The Role of Photography in Social Media Platforms

The rise of social media has had an impact on many fields, including photography. Assume you're going to look at things from a different angle. In that case, you'll agree that photography is a universal language that everyone understands and that social media is the best way to communicate and interact with the rest of the world.

As a result, it seems reasonable to regard social media and photography as allies rather than adversaries. Let us look at why photos are becoming more important on social media platforms.

Social Media Sites That Connect Professional Photographers to Clients

Not every professional photographer has a website where they can showcase their work. However, this does not preclude them from communicating with clients. Many clients look for stock photos on photo-focused social media sites to use in their posts. These social platforms are also used by amateur photographers and citizen journalists to find creative ideas. Professional photographers, on the other hand, use them to find clients. Creating social media accounts on these platforms may lead to the next client.


With photos, your Facebook posts look and perform better. Every day, Facebook users upload 350 million photos to the social platform for a reason. According to an analysis conducted by social media strategist Jeff Bullas, images in Facebook posts increase engagement by 37% on average. Because Instagram is the most popular social networking site in the world right now, you should build a portfolio of your photography by uploading photos every day.


Instagram has over 800 million monthly users and over 500 million daily users, giving you yet another reason to plan your photography sessions strategically. Instagram posts are the ultimate social media advertisement. Instagram only accepts high-quality photos and videos. Whatever you want to share with your Instagram audience must include some form of visual.

Taking photos has become the norm thanks to Instagram. You take out your phone, open your social media account, and shoot. Because you can edit all of your social media photography within the app, it is one of the best social media platforms for photographers. If you are a skilled photographer, you will benefit far more from Instagram's advanced features.


Photographers cannot afford to ignore Twitter's importance in their careers. Interior photography is used extensively in the real estate and interior design industries. Trends shift quickly, and all it takes to stand out is a few days of tweeting the right photos that fit the day's trends.

People will click on it, look at your profile, and if they like what they see, they will hire you for the next position. According to research, tweets with images increase the rate of retweets by an incredible 35%.


Pinterest is a popular source of inspiration for photographers, interior designers, and other creatives. It's a free photo search engine that allows you to upload and download thousands of photos. If you already have a photography website, include your contact information in every Pinterest post you pin so that clients who find your work online can contact you. If they are not current social media friends, your new client is among your target audience.


Many photographers use Flickr to display their work. You can make some of your photos available for free use under the Creative Commons license or limit their use. Potential clients can view your work and contact you for a job by clicking on your profile. As a result, you're good to go with just a few high-quality shots.

Why do we share photos on social media?

Below are some benefits of posting your photo albums on social media.

Capture attention

People's attention spans have been shrinking as a result of the high penetration rates and widespread use of smartphones. It is now estimated to take approximately 8 seconds. If you're in business, that's not enough time to catch your audience's attention.

Engaging with your followers within those eight seconds, on the other hand, is now an essential part of marketing. So, what is the best way to go about it? Certainly, through excellent photography! Outstanding photographs capture more attention than text messages.

Increased outreach with new advanced tools

Over the years, the field of photography has undergone some exciting changes that have resulted in seemingly limitless possibilities. Color photography, which has made images more lifelike than black and white photography, as well as digital photography, has made more pictures available to everyone.

The introduction of drones into photography is a relatively recent advancement that has opened up new avenues for advertising. Using drone photography in modern marketing allows you to share perspectives that were previously only available to the select few who could afford airplane photography.

Nobody will know about you if you have all these captivating shots on your memory card. Excellent photography is one of those things that cannot be faked. You don't need to do much advertising; simply create a photo album with your best shots and share it on social media platforms, and the right client will see it.

image of family with dog on a wooded trail

Share information instantly

Most social media sites rely on images rather than text. The majority of them combine text and images. Text is processed up to 60,000 times faster than images. The point is that a picture can help you convey a lot of information without having to write a single word.

A single shot can convey more than a thousand words. Instead of using words to describe a product or a message, photographs can convey a powerful message at a glance. Furthermore, images are the most reliable way to access parts of the brain that are difficult or impossible to access through text.

When combined with text, photos are the most effective marketing tool available today. People, understandably, do not want to be bombarded with text as soon as they arrive on your page. You want to demonstrate to your ideal prospects what they require and how it will solve their problems. If you're still not convinced, consider the following statistics:

60% of consumers who use an online search say that they prefer to contact a business whose list includes an image.

Over 70% of e-commerce website shoppers say that a product image is critical when making a purchase decision.

Emotional appeal

People react much more quickly to images. While text and audio can be effective for communicating your product's key selling points, they cannot elicit emotions to the same extent that photos can. It is critical to remember that humans are perfectly rational when it comes to advertising. People purchase products based on their emotions and then justify them with logic.

A great example to consider is Nike's unimaginable staggering sales of the Jordan 23 snickers because people want to feel like the legendary Michael Jordan. As a result, Nike will never hesitate to hire a professional photographer who can elicit people's emotions through the use of appropriate imagery. So, why not take a leaf out of the world's largest shoe company's book and pair the emotional elements of your message with a compelling photo to achieve far greater advertising efficiency?

Professional Image

Making a favorable impression on those who see your advertisements is one of the keys to a company's online success. Taking the time to use high-quality photographs allows you to convey trust and confidence to those who read your material. Of course, one image will not suffice. A well-curated collection that is updated to surprise your audience will bring you a steady stream of new business leads.

Most businesses succumb to the temptation of using stock images, which costs them followers and money because people have grown accustomed to those cheesy stock photos. Viewers perceive them to be impersonal and unrepresentative of your brand. Hire a professional photography service to give your social media photos personality. This makes it simple for your target readers to like, share, and comment on your social media posts.

Increased engagement

Marketing is a thoroughly researched field with precise results based on decades of research. Photographs, for example, increase the likelihood of people reacting to your post, allowing businesses to achieve the desired response, such as order placement, comments, likes, and shares. No matter how strong your social media marketing content is, it is incomplete without appropriate accompanying media.

According to Buzzsumo posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those with only text. You should not underestimate the importance of photography in the success of your social media posts.

Generate new leads from your favorite social media platform

The social media community is massive, and the clients you're looking for are already searching for you. If you post the right portfolio on your social media accounts, you will find new clients.

Want to Find Clients on Social Media? Kuoh Creative Can Supply All Your Photography Needs.

Anyone can pick up a camera and take pictures, but uploading the right photos to your social media accounts takes skill and an eye for quality. Kuoh is one of the few photographers in Oakland with the right eye, camera, and taste for high-quality photos.

Kuoh Creative understands what it takes to capture the perfect shot for every social media platform, and he has been assisting brands in this endeavor for the past 25 years. He has witnessed the growth of all of today's social platforms and has kept up with all of the best practices in social media photography to ensure that you and your brand stand out from the crowd. Call him today at 415.968.1004 to begin planning your next professional photography project.

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